Johannes Krane

Johannes Krane’s journey started in the Netherlands, where he was born and educated. But the Nazi occupation of his country during World War II changed everything. Johannes refused to give up on his dreams despite his immense suffering and loss. He emigrated to the United States and pursued his education, eventually establishing himself as a successful businessman in Silicon Valley.

Driven by his deep passion for art, Johannes founded several organizations celebrating creativity in all forms, including art galleries. Additionally, he established an online used bookstore, Elephant Books, during the early days of Amazon and authored several well-received self-help books that helped countless readers overcome life’s challenges. Through his perseverance and unrelenting spirit, Johannes proved that no matter how challenging life may seem, we can still overcome and thrive.

Johannes Krane’s Memoir: A Unique Perspective on World War II Survival

Johannes offers a unique perspective on World War II survival and the struggles of a family with disabilities during a time of unspeakable horror. As children, Johannes and his older brother, Dick, had to help run their home in the small town of Beverwijk in northern Holland. Their father’s mental capacity and inability to communicate were especially problematic during the war.

Johannes and Dick grew up in a state of continual starvation, tormented by the endless cold, and living every day fearing for their lives since their parents were unable to develop a normal family life. They had to be the ears and voice of their home in order for them to run the household. His mother’s lifestyle was especially troubling and reckless, and she had no problem using Johannes to conduct her perilous illegal dealings. Since his parents had only minimal abilities to work and function in society, Johannes and Dick were compelled to help them survive by means that were not always legal.

The poignant and heart-wrenching tale is a reminder of the devastating impact of war on the innocent and a testament to the strength of the human spirit.